Get Smart – Make Sure All of Your Employees Receive Customer Service Training – Education Service

Could you imagine a collision shop hiring a person with no prior experience for the job of repairing damaged cars or a company hiring someone to work as a computer operator with no knowledge or skill in using a computer? It would not make sense to hire someone for a position like that unless that person received the necessary training to perform satisfactorily at that job.Yet, employees are hired everyday to fill positions that put them face to face with the customer. They receive little or no training and education in dealing with customers, yet are expected to perform effectively. Many businesses don’t recognize the importance of hiring qualified people and making sure they receive the training and education necessary to be successful at serving the customer.Often, a business or organization assumes that the employees they hire have the necessary skills to deal with people. They may have some of the skills, but rarely do they have all of the competence necessary to do the job right.Survey after survey has shown that the number one reason customers switch the store or company where they do business is due to a feeling of indifference shown them by the employee serving them.
Employees come into contact with customers in several different ways. The cashier, stock person, manager, and person who answers the telephone all serve a vital link in satisfying that customer. By not being given the necessary tools to deal effectively with their customers, employees and managers do what comes naturally. Unfortunately, many times that can be the wrong thing.Companies unwilling to spend time and money to train and educate their employees properly usually find their turnover high and customer satisfaction low. These kinds of businesses can and do survive if the business climate is in their favor. However, once there is a downswing in the economy or a competitor moves into the area who is commit┬Čted to providing real service to the customer, watch out. Drastic changes in the bottom line of the shoddy service provider will follow.A nationally known print shop had been in business in a mid-size town for several years. Since the area was large enough to support two printing facilities, another franchise was sold to a different person across town. The new franchise owner hired the right people, provided the necessary training for her employees, and started providing quick, courteous, and accurate service to her customers. It wasn’t long before she was dominating that market.It is a bit odd, but remember that the average American company spends 5-6 times more money to attract new customers through advertising and promotions than it does to keep the ones it already has. Yet, time and time again, the companies that spend money to properly train and educate their employees get better results.Most businesses would never dare to cut out all advertising through the media, but more and more businesses are taking a portion of that advertising dollar and creating a training budget for their employees. The key is to provide the best on-going training and education programs possible for your employees. The results will be worth it.1. How much do you spend on advertising per year?2. What kind of budget do you have for the ongoing training and education of your employees?3. How much does the turnover of an employee cost your company in dollars and cents?a. $500 or less
b. $500-$1,000
c. $1,000-$1,500
d. $1,500 or more
e. Don’t know4. How much training do new employees receive?a. One week or more of classroom and on-the-job training and quarterly training on a periodic basis
b. One day or more of classroom and on-the-job training
c. One half day of classroom and on-the-job training
d. One hour or less of classroom and on-the-job training
e. We don’t really have a training program for training new employees.5. How does your training of employees compare to your competition’s approach?